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Arriving 9th of August
Shadowy Secrets & Toxic Tricks - SV6.5 is sure to surprise as the next special set from Pokemon TCG.

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  • Energy Cards, Hidden Fates Reverse Holo

    Fairy Energy – Hidden Fates 2019 – Reverse Holo

  • Sealed Product

    Crown Zenith Booster Packs

  • Sun & Moon JP

    Japanese Sun & Moon Tag Team GX All Stars 043 Zapdos-holo 2019 Pokemon PSA GEM MINT 10

  • Sword & Shield JP

    Japanese Sword & Shield Eevee Heroes 081 Full Art Espeon V 2021 Pokemon PSA GEM MINT 10

  • Sale!

    Sealed Product

    Scarlet & Violet 4.5 Paldean Fates Booster Bundle Set – POKÉMON TCG

    Original price was: $48.00.Current price is: $39.95.
  • Paldean Fates

    7/91 Charmander Common Paldean Fates

  • Sale!

    Stamped Promo

    Bulbasaur 001/165 – Pokemon 151 BEST BUY Stamp US – Sealed Promo – Pokemon

    Original price was: $56.99.Current price is: $51.99.
  • Crown Zenith

    20/159 Radiant Charizard Radiant Rare Crown Zenith

  • Lost Thunder

    214/214 Whitney Lost Thunder Rare Ultra

  • Hidden Fates

    SV51/94 Reshiram-GX Rare Shiny GX Shiny Vault

  • SWSH Promos

    SWSH129 Umbreon Promo SWSH Promo

  • SWSH Promos

    SWSH120 Marnie Promo SWSH Promo

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Buy Pokemon Cards & Singles With CuraCards, A Leading Trading Card Store In Australia.

We bring joy to families in Melbourne and all of Australia when packs are opened, binders fill up, and favourite cards are pulled. Leaders in Pokemon Single cards, our library is constantly updating with fresh new inventory to include the latest cards, most significant pokemon and all of your favourite art.
Single Pokemon Cards Sold
Since our launch, we've shipped more than 50,000 cards to Australian collectors, players and Pokemon fans.
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And growing every week. Our vast inventory starts from the beginning of Pokemon in the Wizards Of The Coast era (WOTC) to modern sets released every year.
Soft Sleeves Used For All Holo Cards
Every Holo card is sleeved once it enters our inventory so once it gets to you, it's still in near mint condition with few scratches as possible.

Shop Paldean Fates Single Cards

  • Paldean Fates

    235/91 Arven Special Illustration Rare Paldean Fates

  • Paldean Fates

    231/91 Paldean Student Ultra Rare Paldean Fates

  • Paldean Fates

    230/91 Paldean Student Ultra Rare Paldean Fates

  • Paldean Fates

    229/91 Nemona Ultra Rare Paldean Fates

  • Paldean Fates

    228/91 Judge Ultra Rare Paldean Fates

  • Paldean Fates

    227/91 Clive Ultra Rare Paldean Fates

  • Paldean Fates

    226/91 Pawmi Illustration Rare Paldean Fates

  • Paldean Fates

    225/91 Palafin Illustration Rare Paldean Fates

  • Paldean Fates

    224/91 Wugtrio Illustration Rare Paldean Fates

  • Paldean Fates

    219/91 Paldean Clodsire ex Shiny Ultra Rare Paldean Fates


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